Abstract submission: June 02nd, 2023
By July 18th 2023, we will send out the notice of acceptance (oral or poster) for each submission.
Early registration: July 25th 2023
Late registration: August 31st 2023

Abstracts submission rules

Each corresponding author is allowed to submit maximum two abstracts.
A person may be a co-author to several abstracts.
Submissions must respect the Guidelines for Authors:
  Oral presentation guidelines  
    Oral presentation template  
  Poster presentation guidelines  
    Poster template  

Registration fees

   - July 25th 2023

   July 26th 2023 - August 31st 2023

   At the Conference

Regular attendee  

  225 €

  260 €

  300 €


  150 €

  150 €

  150 €

*Registration fees include lunches and coffee breaks, conference facilities, registration kit and conference dinner.

Additional costs:

Accompanying person at Conference dinner  

  35 €

Prahova Valley Field trip  

  50 €

Bucharest Guided City Tour  

  30 €

International Bank details:

Bank name  

  BRD Voluntari

Bank address  

  77 Eroilor Blvd, Voluntari, Ilfov, Romania

Account holder:  

  Institutul Naţional de Cercetare Dezvoltare în Silvicultură “Marin Drăcea”

IBAN code:  

  RO20 BRDE 426S V569 2224 4450

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Payment Links:

Students Registration fee (€150.00)

Regular Attendee Registration fee (€300.00)

Accompanying person at Conference dinner fee (€35.00)

Prahova Valley field trip fee (€50.00)

Bucharest Guided city tour fee (€30.00)


With the occasion of the International Scientific Conference, the sessions’ submissions (plenary and thematic) can be submitted for publication, as follows:

Virtual Special Issue  

  Environmental Research (IF 8.88)

Virtual Special Issue  

  Land (IF 3.90)

Virtual Special Issue  

  Annals of Forest Research (IF 1.96)

Virtual Special Issue  

  Review of Silviculture and Cinegetics (CABI)

Book of Abstracts  


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