Forest science for people and societal challenges
The 90th "Marin Drăcea" INCDS Anniversary

The conference is an open scientific event dedicated to the celebration of 90 years of activity in forestry research of the „Marin Drăcea” National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry. It comes as an opportunity for the forest scientific community to emphasize the potential and socio-economic value of forests under climate change, air pollution and other societal challenges’ effects. The spotlight will be placed on forests’ contribution in assuring human livelihood, health, well-being and quality of life.


The scientific community’s role in policy-making and forestry industry has to be increased in order to highlight the changing relationship between forests and society, manifested through ecosystems services flows.


This scientific event will cover a large range of topics, including:

- climate-smart, sustainable forest management adapted to the socio-economic system

- effects of climate change, air pollution and other stressors on forest ecosystems

- protection, conservation and enhancement of functions and services of forest ecosystems

- genetics and trees breeding

- wildlife conservation and management

- applied remote sensing technologies for forestry


Increasing the visibility of forest science in the European and international research policy, and developing the link between forest science and practitioners in a changing environment and society;


Ensuring an appropriate framework for sustainable forest and environmental management, with a focus on the protection, conservation and enhancement of biodiversity, functions, and services of forest ecosystems in the face of climate change and air pollution;


A better understanding of the drivers of the changing relationship between forests and people as a major challenge for forest research and a prerequisite for the development of more sustainable relationships between forests and society;


Identifying topics that need further development towards implementing current and future strategies in the fields of research and innovation for climate change, forestry, biodiversity, energy, bioeconomy, in order to stimulate the emergence of new research and development topics by means of scientific debates around current and future issues of the forestry and environment sectors.